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What Is SAP Litmos and How Does it Differ From SAP SuccessFactors Learning?

Up until earlier this year, if you’d asked me to name all of SAP’s learning management solutions, I would have confidently listed SAP SuccessFactors and left it at that. But it turns out that’s not true.


While SAP has largely positioned SAP SuccessFactors as its premier human experience management (HXM) offering, and while a portion of the SAP SuccessFactors suite comes in the form of the Learning module, there are a number of other options for companies to use to train their workforce.


SAP Litmos is one such option. First released in 2007, the solution is currently used by many companies including large and well-known entities such as Boeing, Virgin Media, IBM, ADP, and the Royal Mail.


So when I first heard of SAP Litmos just a few months ago, I decided I needed to learn more about this SAP solution. Here’s what I found.


What is SAP Litmos?

SAP Litmos is a learning management system (LMS) used by companies looking to train employees in essential skills and further invest in their workforce by providing employees with courses to advance soft and other, non-essential skills. It does this in a two-pronged approach. The first is through a large library of online training materials, focused heavily around video courses that cover topics such as compliance, customer service, leadership training, and cyber security. The second is through the creation of custom-built content by HR professionals within a company. Because the materials are web-based, users can access them from any device on their own schedule rather than having to attend costly and time-constrained training sessions.


Customers can currently choose from two different SAP Litmos options. The first is the LMS-only option, which provides an online course builder, content management system, custom branding, reporting, mobile applications, a learning dashboard, and more. This may be of more interest to businesses that plan on creating their own courses for employees to take. For those that are less reliant on custom course content, the LMS + Courses option includes all of the features already listed plus access to the SAP Litmos Training Content library. This is a catalog of 2,500+ courses and professionally created videos for different stakeholders including employees, customers, sales teams, operations teams, gig workers, contractors, and more. Companies using the LMS + Courses option also get access to supplemental learning materials such as workbooks.


History of SAP Litmos

For those interested in the solution’s history, SAP Litmos was launched in 2007 for those running any number of human resources software, including the SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors solutions. It was bought by CallidusCloud in 2011. In 2018, SAP announced it was acquiring CallidusCloud and, by extension, the Litmos solution. In 2019, SAP began incorporating elements of the SAP Fiori user interface into the SAP Litmos UX.


How is SAP Litmos Different from SAP SuccessFactors Learning?

If you think that the description of SAP Litmos provided earlier sounds a lot like SAP SuccessFactors Learning, you’re right. Both SAP Litmos and SAP SuccessFactors Learning are cloud solutions. Both may be of interest to the same potential customers, although SAP SuccessFactors Learning seems to be promoted mostly by SAP in its product documentation. Both allow custom content to be developed and sold to external audiences through tools like the SAP Litmos API.


The biggest difference between these two solutions comes from the flexibility of how the solutions can be utilized. As its name suggests, SAP SuccessFactors Learning is focused around training users that are using the SAP SuccessFactors suite for other HR needs. Custom content can be created and hosted anywhere; pre-created content can be delivered through partners such as Skillsoft through an Open Content Network.


SAP Litmos, on the other hand, is system agnostic and can be used alongside many HR systems such as ADP, Namely, BambooHR, and Salesforce. With the LMS + Content license, SAP Litmos customers have thousands of courses ready for immediate consumption by users rather than having to integrate with other content providers. Of course, the option of creating and hosting custom content is still available to supplement the SAP Litmos content offerings.


In terms of customer adoption, according to the SAP Litmos website, the solution is used by over 24 million people in more than 130 countries. Compare this to SAP SuccessFactors which is used by 7,400 customers (the exact number of users isn’t made public) in over 200 countries.


What is the Learning Curve of SAP Litmos?

When SAP first launched the solution some 14 years ago, developers had the vision of creating an LMS that they described as “quick to set up, easy to manage, and fun to use.”


To ensure the first goal was met, SAP streamlined the installation process so deployment occurs in a matter of minutes, and has made integrations with other solutions such as DocuSign and Zoom easy to set up with scores of connector and API options.


For the second goal, easy to manage, automated user onboarding and quick scaling to meet global demand (both in terms of user language and user base) make administration easy to manage. A helpful tracking and feedback mechanism provides insight into which courses are popular and which are not being completed or garnering user registration. SAP also provides solution training via SAP Community blog posts and events like Litmos Live, giving admins the tools they need to help users be inspired to learn and not get bogged down in technical issues.


In terms of the final goal, fun to use, SAP Litmos has gamified the learning process by providing a learning leaderboard as well as achievements and badges that are awarded as users complete different courses. And while not a measure of “fun” per se, SAP Litmos says that 70% of product features come from community request—and a happy user base can definitely have a more enjoyable time using a product.



As far as LMS’s go, SAP Litmos is a great tool for companies that need to create custom learning courses or want to provide a library of upskilling videos to their employees. I’m glad I learned about the solution a couple of months ago—and with the free trial available on the SAP website, I even have a chance to do some upskilling of my own.


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