About the Book: Configuring Sales in SAP S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA Sales bundles sales and distribution functionalities that help companies manage sales orders and get their goods to customers.


Why Integrate Processes?

When a sale is made, a host of different, timed activities are kicked off. Does the product need to be made? Is it ready for delivery? Who will provide transportation to its destination? How will payment be collected? What happens if the product is returned?


Those who worked with the any of the logistics or sales and distribution modules of the old SAP Business Suite will be happy to know how tightly processes like these are integrated in the new suite. Our latest book Configuring Sales in SAP S/4HANA aims to help you configure the solution to meet your needs.


What Will You Learn?

Everything from getting your system set up to reporting on the great new insights you’ll glean. First explore some of the changes between sales functionality in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA, and then see how to configure a new system using step-by-step instructions.


Discover all the critical sales workflows you’ll work with while using the solution. Once the sale has been made, the work doesn’t stop there—see how to master distribution in these pages, including shipping, delivery, drop shipping, stock transfers, customer consignment, and more. Whether your focus is on billing and invoicing, contracts, available-to-promise, complaint management, or something else—this book will help you become comfortable with SAP S/4HANA Sales.


Other Highlights Include

  • Master data
  • Business partners
  • Pricing and the condition technique
  • Reporting


Who Is This Book For?

This book is focused on the configuration of a new SAP S/4HANA system, so those working on a greenfield implementation team will find tremendous value in these pages. If your team is just considering whether to make the move to SAP S/4HANA and wants an overview of what it can provide for sales-related activities, we recommend picking up this book, too.


About the Author

Christian van Helfteren has been working as an order to cash (sales and distribution) ERP systems consultant since 1992. He began working with SAP products in 1997 and with SAP S/4HANA in 2016. Christian has participated in 17 full lifecycle SAP implementation projects and a total of 45 different consulting assignments in industries such as automotive, high tech/consumer electronics, aerospace, life sciences/pharmaceutical, and industrial goods manufacturing and distribution organizations of various sizes.


How to Purchase

If you’re interested in purchasing Configuring Sales in SAP S/4HANA, you can do so by following this link and choosing the format that works best for you: e-book, print edition, or both (the “bundle”).


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Configuring Sales in SAP S/4HANA
Configuring Sales in SAP S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA Sales is here! Business partners, the material master, and critical sales workflows all require careful configuration—this guide has the expertise you need. Learn about key business processes for sales order management, billing and invoicing, available-to-promise, and more. From setup and configuration to your reporting options, this book has you covered!

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