The ABAP RESTful Programming Model: ABAP Development for SAP S/4HANA

If you’re an ABAP developer, you’ve likely heard of the two new programming models for SAP S/4HANA. Does the name ABAP RESTful programming model ring a bell?


If it doesn’t, or if you’re not entirely sure what this new paradigm entails, you’re in luck—we have a book on this topic!


The ABAP RESTful Programming Model at a Glance

The ABAP RESTful programming model is the successor to the ABAP programming model for SAP Fiori. Its goal is to provide a framework for coders to follow when creating applications for SAP S/4HANA. Similar to its forerunner, the ABAP RESTful programming model provides coders with a set of best practices to follow. But unlike its predecessor, instead of using the Business Object Processing Framework for transactional processing, it utilizes a different concept.


The three central pillars of database layer, logic layer, and UI layer still exist, but changes to each happen as a result of coding with the model. You can learn more about those changes in depth here.


For those ready to take advantage of this model, or just wanting to learn more about it before making the move in the future, our book ABAP RESTful Programming Model: ABAP Development for SAP S/4HANA will teach you what you need to know.


What Will You Learn?

See what a solid, web-based SAP HANA-optimized ABAP application for SAP S/4HANA looks like. From start to finish, explore application creation and how individual technologies such as ABAP, SAP Fiori, and OData fit together in this exciting new realm of programming—and then create apps using these pieces with the help of expert instructions!


What will ABAP programmers find in these pages?


How to develop applications with core data services, business objects, and more. Test them with automated testing. Deliver them to users via the SAP Fiori launchpad. Manage current and future editions of your creations with Git version control.


Whether you’re creating list reports, overview pages, analytical list pages, or freestyle apps, this book will help you both understand and utilize the ABAP RESTful programming model. Expand your workbench today!


Other Highlights Include


Who Is This Book For?

This book is written for developers looking to get into the world of SAP as well as those already programming with ABAP but unsure how to translate their current skills from ERP-based apps to SAP S/4HANA-based apps. Those who have just an interest in programming, such as technical-oriented business users and managers, project leaders, quality managers, or development managers, will also find helpful information here.


This book assumes familiarity with ABAP, JavaScript, and SQL. If you have some understanding of SAP Fiori, SAP Web IDE, SAPUI5, CDS, Eclipse, SAP Gateway, OData, and the SAP Fiori launchpad, you’ll be ahead of the game—but those who aren’t familiar with these technologies will still be taught what is needed to feel comfortable putting what they’re reading into practice.


About the Authors

Stefan Haas is currently working as an IT Specialist at BMW Group’s IT center in Munich, Germany. Before that, he was a senior developer at SAP working on enterprise asset management applications for SAP S/4HANA within the digital supply chain and manufacturing lines of business.


Bince Mathew is a development architect at SAP with more than ten years of experience in providing solutions on various SAP mobility platforms.


How to Purchase

If you’re interested in purchasing ABAP RESTful Programming Model: ABAP Development for SAP S/4HANA, you can do so by following this link and choosing the format that works best for you: e-book, print edition, or bundle.


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