ABAP Test Cockpit Administration

ABAP Test Cockpit provides a set of administrative functions that administrators can manage using the administrative Transaction ATC.


Administrators with the appropriate authorization can set up the periodic jobs to run daily, weekly, or for a specific date to scan the code, the exemption process, and so on. In contrast, a quality manager with the proper roles can manage and set up check variants, approve/reject exemptions, and govern the quality process for the evaluating system.


Creating a Schedule Run Series

To periodically review your ABAP custom code, administrators or quality managers can schedule the run series to evaluate your application code against a set of predefined checks via global check variants. To create a scheduled run series, quality managers or administrators can follow these steps:

  1. In Transaction ATC, click on Schedule Runs to set up a periodic check run, as shown in this figure.

ABAP Test Cockpit Administration

  1. Click on Create and provide a name for the periodic series in the Series Name field and click on OK, as shown below.

Configure Run Series for Setting Up a Scheduled Check Run

  1. To evaluate your custom code you’ll fill the fields shown in the next figure. In the Check Run section, maintain the Description field and, in the Check Variant section, maintain the Name You can also restrict the run series by package, object set, or another filter. Click on Save.

Specify Run Series Parameters

  1. The run series to perform the custom code analysis is now saved and scheduled, as shown in this figure.

Run Series Configured for Setting Up a Check Run


Scheduling a Check Run

To schedule the run series we just created, quality leads or administrators can follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Transaction ATC and click on Schedule Runs.
  2. Select the Series Name and click on the Schedule button, as shown previously.
  3. Click on Execute in Background, as shown below.

Scheduling a Check Run

  1. Specify the frequency (such as immediate, hourly, daily, etc.) and click on Save, as shown here.

Specify the Frequency for Check Run

  1. The run series schedules the program SATC_CI_CFG_SERIES_SCHEDULE in the background for processing, shown here.

Job Scheduled for Run Series

  1. Verify if the job status is Released in Transaction SM37, as shown in this figure.

ABAP Test Cockpit: Job Status for Run Series


Verifying the Check Results

After the scheduled check run execution is complete for the run series, you can verify the check run results using the ATC Results Browser, which can be accessed using Transaction SE80 (see below).


ABAP Test Cockpit: Displaying Check Results


Note: If the ATC Result Browser is not visible in Transaction SE80, you’ll need to activate it in Transaction SE80, as shown in the final figure.


ATC Results Browser Settings


Editor’s note: This post has been adapted from a section of the book ABAP Development for SAP HANA by Mohd Mohsin Ahmed and Sumit Dipak Naik.


ABAP Development for SAP HANA
ABAP Development for SAP HANA

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