How to Migrate an SAP Web IDE Project to SAP Business Application Studio

In this video, learn how to migrate an SAP Web IDE project over to the new SAP Business Application Studio.




SAP Web IDE full-stack is available on SAP BTP, Neo environment. SAP recommends moving all existing SAP Web IDE applications to SAP Business Application Studio to leverage the classification of projects based on dev space types. This video will show you how.


The table on the screen summarizes the key differences between SAP Web IDE and SAP Business Application Studio.


In this example, we’ll migrate a project created in SAP Web IDE using the server-side JavaScript (XS-JS) compatibility layer as an example of the migration process:


Export the project from SAP Web IDE.


Project is downloaded as a ZIP file. Unzip this file.


In SAP Business Application Studio, open the project folder using the menu path File > Open, as shown in this figure. Select the project folder and then click Open.


Drag and drop the exported and unzipped folder into the PROJECTS area.


Open a new terminal by following the menu path Terminal > New Terminal. A new terminal opens with path pointing to projects folder. Initialize package.json through the terminal window by entering “npm init.”


Enter the information prompted for in the terminal.


Delete the file ui5.yaml under the webapp package. In the terminal window, enter “ui5 init.” Once initialized, the migration prompt appears. Click on Start Migration.


Click on Start Migration button again.


The results of the migration process are displayed automatically by the system.


The project structure changes as additional files are automatically added by the previous steps.


You’re now ready to build and run the project in SAP Business Application Studio.


Hands On with SAP Business Application Studio
Hands On with SAP Business Application Studio

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