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What Is SAP Signavio?

Business process transformation from SAP Signavio enables companies to understand, improve, and transform their business processes from an end-to-end perspective. Because the solutions are web-based, they enable rapid, scalable transformation of all business processes, across all areas of the enterprise.


Accordingly, SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite includes the following core capabilities: 

  • Process analysis and process mining: End-to-end process analysis for business transformations and initiatives regarding operational excellence.
  • Process and journey modeling: Management, modeling, and simulation of business processes and diverse journeys.
  • Process governance and automation: Ensuring organizational and regulatory compliance of all documented processes.
  • Process collaboration: Interactive and cross-divisional collaboration in real time.

To become even more aware of the power of SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite, let’s take a look at this figure.


SAP Signavio Solutions at a Glance (Source: SAP)


It visualizes how the individual business process transformation solutions interact—always taking into account SAP’s best practices and industry-specific suggestions for improvement. SAP Signavio Process Insights and SAP Signavio Process Intelligence tools are primarily used for process analysis and process mining activities. SAP Signavio Process Manager and SAP Signavio Journey Modeler, on the other hand, focus on process and journey modeling. SAP Signavio Process Governance and SAP Build Process Automation, in turn, focus on the management of workflows and automations. The key to success is and remains the human aspect, which is cultivated holistically with SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub. You can also see all SAP Activate project phases, which are consistently supported based on the respective business process transformation solutions.


SAP Signavio Process Insights

With SAP Signavio Process Insights, you quickly gain an overview of your company’s performance. You benefit from targeted improvement recommendations and can secure direct business value by systematically examining your business processes end to end with advanced analytics. The solution enables you to monitor, evaluate, and improve your business processes holistically and continuously. It analyzes the performance of your business processes and supports you in evaluating them quickly and easily on the basis of data- and industry-based facts, evaluating transformation opportunities, and implementing process adjustments directly.


Your Benefit from SAP Signavio Process Insights: SAP Signavio Process Insights not only supports visibility and understanding across all business processes but also provides insights into where optimization is needed and how to achieve desired business outcomes. This accuracy of insights helps your teams discover, analyze, improve, and optimize processes.


You can link SAP Signavio Process Insights almost effortlessly with your SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA system and uncover all process weaknesses and optimization opportunities in real time within a very short time. The tool generates tailored improvement recommendations and shows you automation potential—always taking industry-specific best practices into account.


SAP Process Insights includes 40+ business process flows for seven different business areas as well as six end-to-end processes, corresponding to more than 400+ individual metrics, 130+ performance indicators, and 15 of the most important business goals and value drivers. More than 100 corrective recommendations, such as master data corrections or configuration changes, are already integrated in the solution. In addition, SAP Signavio Process Insights delivers more than 300 tailored innovation recommendations for SAP S/4HANA as well as SAP Fiori apps and SAP offerings, including RPA, machine learning, and situation management.


With SAP Signavio Process Insights, you can support the shift away from process transformation based on intuition or gut feelings to deep and data-driven process improvement. You can use it to create dynamic, real-time reports that assess the performance and efficiency of existing business processes. As a result, these reports can be considered for quick performance comparisons and KPI benchmarking.


Through integration with SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (SAP Intelligent RPA) and automatic bot creation, the tool enables you to identify bottlenecks at an early stage and take into account improvement suggestions recommended by the system, including corrective actions. In this context, you can then further fine-tune your processes through automated monitoring functions. This results in both quick time and cost savings as well as long-term benefits in terms of efficiency and process optimization.


Advanced and, most importantly, intuitive visualization of process data provides a live picture of how your business is actually operating. Combined with real-time monitoring of business process performance, you can increase your operational visibility to break through any silos and meet your customers’ needs and concerns even more expeditiously.


SAP Signavio Process Insights provides rapid visibility into sources of value within the SAP ERP application or SAP S/4HANA system you’re using, helping to maximize your revenue across all areas of your business. You can also drive continuous improvement initiatives with next-generation performance views and process drilldowns, resulting in an even clearer understanding of your business processes.


You can leverage innovative process data extraction and continuous data updates to gain real-time insights into your process performance, making your overall operations even more effective. With built-in root cause analysis, you can narrow your process focus, pinpoint the source of any problems, and analyze them in depth. By incorporating data-based process improvement recommendations, you can get started immediately with your optimizations and focus on the essential corrective actions. Additionally, SAP Process Insights’ advanced, highly user-friendly interface enables you to continuously foster complete collaboration between all of your decision-makers, subject matter experts, and IT professionals.


SAP Signavio Process Intelligence

From performing detailed process analyses and interacting with business data to using process mining for fact-based process optimization, SAP Signavio Process Intelligence offers you a reliable product solution to uncover, for example, bottlenecks or hidden benefits of your business processes in a targeted manner.


SAP Signavio Process Intelligence is a key component of SAP’s business process transformation portfolio. The tool includes next-generation process mining capabilities and supports smarter business decisions by providing powerful, fact-based insights into conceivable risks and sustainable improvement opportunities. This enables you to identify and maximize the business value hidden in your processes, data, and systems over the long term.


Benefits of SAP Signavio Process Intelligence: By automatically applying process mining algorithms, SAP Signavio Process Intelligence provides visibility and understanding into your organization’s actual business processes. You gain insights into how and why your end-to-end business processes are currently running in a certain way and can subsequently align your operations even better with your processes.


SAP Signavio Process Intelligence allows you to perform detailed business process analysis for continuous improvement and create smart diagnostics about process performance. These diagnostics are then used to test potential bottlenecks and process simulations and to evaluate process change alternatives considering best practice scenarios. Detailed analytics can also be used to derive business process optimizations in terms of RPA, hyperautomation, AI, and machine learning, as well as precise customer behavior for improved customer journeys. If you choose the RISE with SAP solution, SAP Signavio Process Intelligence additionally takes your company’s SAP S/4HANA transformation to the next level.


SAP Signavio Process Intelligence also helps you gain a richer understanding of your data to make fact-based process changes. With this tool, you get a clearer end-to-end view of your business processes—from event logs to individual user actions. From a technical perspective, you can manage your data, generate new process models, integrate content from third-party applications, and define metrics for in-depth process analysis to better understand the current state, activities, and workflows. Coupled with this, you can benefit from out-of-the-box capabilities to reduce time to actual process analysis using extract, transform, and load (ETL) connectors and transformation templates for the most common business processes, including order to cash and procure to pay. ETL is a process of unifying data from various data sources into a target database. First, the relevant data is extracted from various sources (extract), then transformed into the format of the target database (transform), and finally loaded into it (load).


Interacting and analyzing the most essential information is extremely efficient, as SAP Signavio Process Intelligence immediately uncovers inefficiencies and bottlenecks in business processes and thus ensures smooth operations. In the course of this, individual process activities can be examined granularly to compare them with predefined KPIs, perform impact analyses, and identify variants for streamlining individual process flows. With SAP Signavio Process Intelligence, you can dynamically map and intuitively connect your process control flows to ensure compliance with corporate regulations and process deviations. By performing root cause analysis, the tool enables you to investigate any delays, skipped activities, and event sequences while dramatically reducing cycle times and potential rework.


With SAP Signavio Process Intelligence, you can also achieve added value related to widgets for accelerated performance analysis and results sharing. These widgets deliver an engaging user experience while providing detailed extractions for instant insights into performance-related KPIs, cycle time analysis, and general indicators about the current state of your business. In addition to the widgets, process performance and compliance metrics can be created and combined with process mining analytics to further accelerate your business results.


SAP Signavio Process Intelligence also allows you to focus on information that is highly relevant to you—bundled on a single platform. This gives you an even more accurate data-driven foundation for your decision-making. By extracting and connecting data with advanced integration capabilities, it’s also possible to link to multiple source systems to identify relevant widgets for instant information. In this way, you can transform your data into an environment where business processes and IT processes cooperate harmoniously to promote the long-term efficiency and effectiveness of your business.


SAP Signavio Process Manager

SAP Signavio Process Manager helps you react immediately to unpredictable business and regulatory changes. With this tool, you can also scale your company’s entire process repository in a targeted manner and, for example, use process simulations to define and constantly reinvent the most diverse business scenarios. This is how agility works.


SAP Signavio Process Manager comes into play if you want to comprehensively model, analyze, simulate, and continuously optimize your business processes. This intuitive business process solution not only allows you to visualize the flows of your business activities using advanced process modeling capabilities but also to fully monitor them. From finance and human resources, to purchasing and manufacturing, to logistics and sales, your employees will benefit from the efficiency and effectiveness that comes from a single cohesive business process landscape that also crosses IT system boundaries. SAP Signavio Process Manager makes all business processes within your entire organization much more easily accessible. This promotes enterprise-wide process transparency and ultimately enables process modeling for every employee in your organization.


However, SAP Signavio Process Manager is much more than a process modeling tool. This business process transformation solution also includes extensive functionality to fully organize your process repository. For example, it enables you to link your business processes in a way that improves the customer journey and thus enhances the CX, and an improved CX is just one of the benefits of this powerful tool. In fact, SAP Signavio Process Manager offers a multitude of other benefits and potential for your company. For example, the tool allows you to gain detailed insights into all of your business areas, increase productivity, and reduce costs; better connect processes to the overall strategy; implement a strategic and comprehensive business plan; and quickly respond to regulatory changes. All of these useful skills provide you with a great opportunity. They will make your company even more sustainable, competitive, and resilient in our fast-paced, globalized business world.


In addition, SAP Signavio Process Manager includes an effective potential to quickly improve your operational processes by simplifying model creation with the Quick-Model feature. This allows you to easily create business processes in tabular form, add new activities, edit them, and then review them separately before publishing the process model. In any case, with SAP Signavio Process Manager, you keep full control over your business activities and holistically improve process output with a wide variety of editing functions, no matter how many thousands of activities your process landscape comprises.


Benefits of SAP Signavio Process Manager: Process models are already useful individually and clarify how your organization works together. However, when these models are connected with other factors, they only unfold their true potential. As part of the SAP Signavio solution portfolio, your process models can be viewed from different angles with SAP Signavio Process Manager in the context of the customer journey, risk and decision management, resource planning, IT implementation, and many other aspects. SAP Signavio Process Manager is the foundation to bring your processes to life.


Using SAP Signavio Process Manager, all employees in your team can share their expertise and always get the support they need. The resulting shared input as well as feedback raises the standard of working practices in your company. What does this look like in detail? It’s simple: relevant employees can add comments to task messages and respond in real time to colleagues from other departments and company locations. They can also solicit feedback and have conversations that lead to faster and better results. This way, you can stay at the forefront of your business environment by eliminating silos and encouraging everyone to perform at their best.


Connecting Process Models with SAP Signavio Process Intelligence: With SAP Signavio Process Intelligence, you can build an operational process mining cockpit that connects your data to process management and transforms static process models into dynamic and responsive dashboards. This way, you’re informed, guided, and warned at an early stage, so you can easily decide which processes and activities you want to monitor or better understand within them. Place indicators, choose thresholds, and let SAP Signavio Process Intelligence connect your process models to the relevant data.


To help you prepare for alternative business scenarios, SAP Signavio Process Manager provides you with a simulation of your business processes. This creates a what-if environment to quantify and predict the potential return on investment of process changes. Finally, you can address the tasks that are most critical to you by enabling process simulation through setting and monitoring case scenarios. In this context, you can also identify hidden opportunities as well as uncover the best process alternatives for complex projects—always with the one goal of making your business smarter in the long run.


SAP Signavio Journey Modeler

With SAP Signavio Journey Modeler, you have the ability to achieve high customer satisfaction through customer journey models, aligning business processes with CXs and sharing customer journeys for feedback and experience improvements. Customer journey describes the individual cycles of a customer, including all touchpoints with the company, from the first contact to the final purchase decision. Therefore, customer journey models provide, among other things, valuable insights to better understand customers’ buying behavior and experiences.


SAP Signavio Journey Modeler is another helpful process visualization tool that is also part of the holistic suite of business process transformation. This solution helps you develop a centralized, real-time view of the CX by linking journeys to business processes, related IT applications, integration points, and data flows. With SAP Signavio Journey Modeler, you can operationalize your CXs by incorporating them into your business processes. This allows you to then adapt your organizational systems, metrics, and roles in such a way to positively drive your customers’ experiences.


SAP Signavio Journey Modeler allows you to implement three essential steps:

  1. Model the CX quickly and easily.
  2. Manage models effectively within SAP Signavio Business Transformation Suite.
  3. Link your customers’ experiences to your business processes.

The journey models themselves are experiential and provide a view of your business from the perspective of your customers, employees, suppliers, and/or other critical stakeholders in your organization. For now, we focus on the customer scenario to narrow the scope of this first introduction, even though the basic idea of the journey models remains the same.


Because journey models differ from typical business processes that are mapped with BPMN, this table illustrates the difference between the notation of business processes compared to journey models.


Notation of Business Processes Compared to Journey Models


Your company’s business processes are most appropriately represented using a process diagram with SAP Signavio Process Manager, while your customers’ experiences are best modeled with SAP Signavio Journey Modeler. Related to this, all business processes already modeled in SAP Signavio Process Manager can be connected to SAP Signavio Journey Modeler. This includes the mapping of process models from SAP Signavio Process Manager with the journey models from SAP Signavio Journey Modeler on a specific task or step-based level. Subsequently, you also can open and share linked processes directly in SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub.


Customer journeys can be captured in tabular form, describing the individual phases of the CX in detail. SAP Signavio Journey Modeler helps you list all touchpoints, visualize the sentiment for each phase, link process maps in an experience-oriented way, and add data visualizations as widgets. Such widgets can be integrated directly from SAP Signavio Process Intelligence.


By integrating operational and external data with customer journeys, you can identify opportunities for improvement and ensure that you can permanently increase customer satisfaction and loyalty as a result. This customer excellence is the combination of the inside-out and outside-in perspective: Which of the business processes have touchpoints with the customers (inside-out), and—even more crucial—how do the customers perceive these touchpoints in the first place (outside-in)? As a result, such high-level insights lead to a wide variety of benefits and opportunities for your company.


Now, the tool allows you to translate your CX when interacting with specific business processes directly into quantifiable and manageable information. This allows you to quickly adapt to any changes in your customer expectations and subsequently delight your customers in the long run. This also results in smarter decision-making regarding which of your customers should be best served, when, and how. With SAP Signavio Journey Modeler, you can align your entire organization around critical customer outcomes using journey analytics and sentiment analysis. In addition, you’ll better understand the interdependencies between customer sentiment, significant moments of truth, and underlying process flows. You can see what this might look like here.


Example of an eCommerce Customer Journey


Benefits of SAP Signavio Journey Modeler: SAP Signavio Journey Modeler gives you the tools to do three things: 

  • Quickly and easily design engaging journey models.
  • Manage these journey models in SAP Signavio Business Transformation Suite.
  • Connect your journey models with your business processes to create new business values.

Further exciting potential lies behind the already existing business process landscape. If the process mining capabilities of SAP Signavio Process Intelligence are used, you can identify critical customer interaction points in even more detail. Customer data and process mining analyses help you understand the causes of customer frustration or satisfaction and then adapt business processes accordingly or even completely redesign them to effectively and, above all, sustainably, increase your customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.


Ultimately, you can also break down silos between your CX and process teams and focus on common goals and definitions of journey modeling. This allows you to both reduce operational complexity and manage variations in business process flows to ensure a holistic and consistent CX. Corresponding insights can be collected and shared across your organization via SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub to further enhance your customers’ experiences.


SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub

SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub allows you to use a single source of information for all of your teams, break down business silos, and create an improved understanding of your KPIs, tasks, and projects. The result is full process transparency.


In short, SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub changes the way your employees collaborate across your company. It provides a holistic collaboration platform to effectively leverage your employees’ knowledge and continuously optimize and innovate business processes. This means that SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub acts as a single source of truth for your business processes, providing you with real-time insights and enabling employees to have a transparent and company-wide focal point where they can unite their activities and expertise related to business processes.


SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub helps you stay up to date on changes to your process models in real time and displays all process content in a clear and intuitive way. The tool helps you understand, track, and manage business process–related project activities. Moreover, this business process transformation solution promotes the organization of business process content across the entire SAP Signavio Business Transformation Suite. As a result, the SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub drives process initiatives throughout your organization by ensuring that all stakeholders are on the same level of knowledge, streamlining disparate views and providing understandable updates to all stakeholders.


First and foremost, the Hub maintains a central knowledge platform about the what, why, and how regarding your business processes, ensuring a common understanding across the enterprise. Everything you need for solid process communication and collaboration is in one place—the Hub. You can access data, process models, and analytics from SAP Signavio Process Intelligence, SAP Signavio Process Manager, and SAP Signavio Process Governance directly from the Hub. The streamlined search function across the entire SAP Signavio Business Transformation Suite ensures that you can find all process information relevant to your roles and see which topics and activities your employees are currently involved with.


Benefits of SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub: SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub is the heart of collaborative process management. The central knowledge base secures the know-how of all participants and ensures organization-wide collaboration and smooth communication—even across locations. This way, every employee in your organization is up to date and well informed not only about what but also about why and how.


The Hub’s intuitive user interface (UI) makes interacting easy for users of all knowledge levels (see next figure). Because your employees are notified individually about relevant updates and conversations, you can close the gap between accountability and action. By accelerating the exchange of information among your employees, you now have the opportunity to generate more ideas, optimize processes faster, and significantly lower the inhibition threshold for process changes.


Initial Screen of SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub


With the Hub’s user-friendly presentation mode, your employees can see the big picture of your holistic process landscape. The tool can be used to create simple step-by-step walk-throughs of even the most complex business processes and provide detailed presentations in overview mode. SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub additionally promotes effortless navigation of your entire process repository as well as the presentation of truly significant interactions. Subsequently, it also supports end-to-end traceability and accurate final decision-making. This is supported by a seamless switch between a high-level overview and a granular detailed information view. The Hub’s simple version control also helps you keep track of the status of your ongoing activities.


When we briefly consider the challenges of successful business transformation, we think of organizational silos with associated problems such as conflicting priorities and agendas, diluted goals, and employee resistance to decisions based on incomplete or unclear data. SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub now offers a solution for each of these problems, helping to improve efficiency as well as effectiveness across your organization. As a result, you can set new milestones in operational excellence and positively impact the way your teams work with clearly defined goals and structured responsibilities.


Finally, the Hub can also be personalized. You can assign employees to specific groups. These group-based entry points mean that time no longer has to be wasted searching for information relevant to the actual work. You can control exactly what the hub looks like for specific user groups and what form it takes. You can also maintain your own newsfeed by subscribing to process models, conversations, or workspaces that are relevant to you. This way, tasks can be better structured, and the satisfaction and productivity of your employees can be improved.


SAP Signavio Process Governance

When it comes to complete control of your workflows, SAP Signavio Process Governance delivers significant value. With this product solution, you can easily scale your workflows without programming skills, prototype for rapid deployment, and reduce both business process variation and resource-intensive rework.


With SAP Signavio Process Governance, you can quickly and easily create automated workflows based on your business process models. The tool also simplifies task management and the initiation of maturity and regulatory assessments regarding process documentation and implementation. You can use SAP Signavio Process Governance to track your work in a single place and determine responsibilities for assigned activities.


Benefits of SAP Signavio Process Governance: SAP Signavio Process Governance is a solid starting point for even the most complex tasks or activities. The intuitive UI makes it easy to turn process models into workflows, so initially you only need the essential features of the process, such as tasks and decisions. You can add more details later (e.g., custom notifications, access control, or automatic reminders).


SAP Signavio Process Governance integrates seamlessly with other SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite solutions to help you better manage and track the process lifecycle. For example, you have the option to export workflow data from SAP Signavio Process Governance directly into the SAP Signavio Process Intelligence tool. This data transfer supports internal analysis of business-related data using powerful process-mining capabilities that provide real-time insight into how your workflows and business processes can be optimized, among other things.


SAP Signavio Process Governance subsequently allows you to automate repetitive process governance workflows so your employees can focus on essential, value-added tasks. By creating forms, checklists, and decision points; setting up email notifications for deadlines; and collaborating on shared task lists, you can both identify unnecessary work and bypass it. In this way, you can significantly cut down on email traffic and unnecessary meetings. As a result, you can get the things that really matter to your business done faster and more efficiently. This saves you time and money, and you can be sure that your business processes are standardized and monitored.


SAP Signavio Process Governance also helps you keep pace with digital transformation and the challenges of today’s VUCA world. The tool provides a perfect starting point for the most complex tasks and activities in your organization. Thanks to the intuitive UI, you can effortlessly transform process models into workflows, so you only need the most important features of the process, such as individual tasks and decisions, to get started. Your employees can add more information and details at a later stage, such as custom notifications, access controls, or automatic reminders. This establishes 360-degree process governance with expeditious approvals and maturity assessments, while eliminating spreadsheets and long email chains to track tasks directly. Because this solution is completely web-based, workflows can scale as your business grows.


SAP Signavio Process Governance is ready to use, automates and standardizes manual decisions using the integrated approval solution. This not only reduces the risk of possible wrong decisions but also allows business processes based on decisions made to be executed more efficiently. The automated approval process promotes a prompt response to process changes. Accordingly, it ensures that all business decisions are recorded to comply with the relevant internal and external regulations and guidelines.


SAP Signavio Process Governance additionally supports improved communication and coordination of various tasks. The tool gives a clear indication of how far a particular business process has progressed and what the next step will be. This results in fewer delays due to neglected or forgotten tasks, more accountability in decision-making, and more flexibility to consistently implement process improvements. Ultimately, onboarding new team members is also simplified, as they can see at a glance exactly what needs to be done and where each team member can find the resources they need. Teamwork is made easy with SAP Signavio Process Governance.


SAP Build Process Automation

SAP Build Process Automation is the next-generation no-code tool to drive process automation, support workflow enhancements, and increase process efficiency by automating repetitive work. In our fast-paced VUCA world, the need for process automation is constantly increasing. SAP Build Process Automation combines the capabilities of SAP Workflow Management and SAP Intelligent RPA in an intuitive, AI-powered, no-code solution.


SAP Build Process Automation simplifies process automation with visual drag-and-drop tools and prebuilt, industry-specific content. Using these tools, you can effortlessly create workflows and automate tasks and decisions, collaborating with in-house development teams as needed to meet all your automation needs. To kick-start projects, you can choose from a rapidly growing library of more than 340 prebuilt process flows, forms, business rules, dashboards, and bot automations for specific applications and industries. For example, SAP S/4HANA content is available for more than 100 automation scenarios in finance, manufacturing, sales, services and procurement, and supply chain. SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Ariba software development kits (SDKs) provide predefined activities to easily automate key tasks in these applications, complemented by SDKs for popular office solutions for desktop automation. All of this content is available directly in SAP Build Process Automation.


Benefits of SAP Build Process Automation: SAP Build Process Automation’s RPA capabilities help you automate repetitive manual tasks by mimicking user interactions with each system. You can automate data transfers between legacy and web-based systems that lack sufficient integration capabilities. These features help you accelerate task processing, flexibly scale your systems to meet changing needs, and reduce error rates.


SAP Build Process Automation enables you to automate faster by giving you easy access to workflow management, task automation, and decision automation capabilities in a single tool. Built-in AI capabilities also allow you to make your processes smarter by leveraging machine learning for decision support, intelligent document processing, and more. The tool offers native integration with SAP applications as well as connectivity to non-SAP applications to enable automation of complex workflows holistically, even if they span multiple applications and business units.


With SAP Build Process Automation, you can securely manage your processes and automations in the cloud of your choice while leveraging your existing infrastructure. The solution gives you the ability to build process flows, automation, and decision models while protecting business operations with centralized governance, testing, and monitoring capabilities. Of course, to ensure ongoing compliance and automate processes in a scalable and reliable way, SAP Build Process Automation is designed to meet stringent service-level agreements (SLAs), compliance, and data protection regulations.


In a nutshell, SAP Build Process Automation helps you create automations and workflows using process automation capabilities without coding effort. The solution provides you with a foundation to quickly adapt, improve, and innovate your business processes. You can subsequently increase process efficiency as the tool automates recurring activities, as well as increase your business agility in responding to changing economic and industry conditions.


What Is SAP Signavio?


Editor’s note: This post has been adapted from a section of the book SAP Signavio: Business Process Transformation by Johannes Strasser, Michael Sokollek, Manuel Sänger, Maike Spierling, and Marvin Schönwälder.


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