4 Benefits to Online SAP Training

With all of the uncertainty surrounding meeting in person these days, it’s difficult to ensure that you and your team are up to date with your SAP knowledge. In this post, we’re going to share how different online SAP training methods can fix this.


There are many different ways to learn SAP online, from free blog posts to expensive paid training. For large teams that work on many different SAP projects, however, having disparate training sources can lead to some problems. For one, if the material being reviewed online is not up to date (as is often the case with blog posts from years ago), employees will be learning inefficient or extinct information. By learning from different sources, employees aren’t learning on the same track and knowledge gaps could mean some employees aren’t as knowledgeable as others, leading to imbalances on project teams.


In-person SAP training courses have typically been popular due to their ability to bring many people together and teach them all the same information. With Covid, this sometimes isn’t as possible the same way it was prior to 2020. Online SAP training alternatives are a great way to keep homogeneity in what’s being taught, but allows users to learn remotely and on their own time.


Let’s take a look at four benefits of online SAP training.


Handpicked Experts from the SAP Community

Just like anyone can write a book and set it out into the world, anyone can create an SAP training course and hope it sells. The leading courses, however—and the ones that are typically purchased—are led by SAP itself or industry leaders like consulting firms or publishing houses.


These companies look for the best and brightest SAP practitioners to write and teach their materials. This includes super users, technical and functional consultants, SAP Mentors, conference speakers at events such as SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP TechEd, certification exam developers, official SAP solution owners, and sometimes even SAP board members.

With these options, you have access to global experts’ knowledge in a way that you would never get with in-person training as it’s very expensive to fly a group of users to another country for training purposes.


These teachers have been around SAP for dozens of years and some have even worked on systems dating back to R/3 and earlier. Their expertise brings a unique perspective to their project, whether they’re providing an introduction to a new SAP solution, step-by-step instructions for using mature functionality, or diving deep into specialized areas of SAP.


Hundreds of Options

Online training solutions like an SAP e-book subscription are perfect for both small and large consulting teams that are looking to stay ahead of the curve on what SAP offers. Hundreds of vetted e-books are available to purchase by leading publishers such as SAP PRESS, and a subscription service provides access to all of them.


Because e-books are portable, users don’t have to worry that the knowledge they’ve gained from reading will flee their minds when a tough project requirement pops up. If they’re unsure of what to do, they can open up their e-reader, search for the relevant keyword, and be shown all results from tens of thousands of pages of SAP information. Never again will you have to worry about forgetting your notes or manuals while on location! And since e-books are easily deliverable, whenever a new release is published, they’ll automatically be added to your subscription so you can continue your learning.


Easy Preparation for Implementation Projects or Certification

Online SAP training means it’s easy to get all the information needed to successfully complete a solution configuration for the first-time or handle the unique requirements encountered during a system conversion. With specialized topics like the differences between the three SAP S/4HANA implementation approaches, you’ll have the information you need for any project.


If you’re looking to increase your chances of winning new business, SAP certifications are a good way to prove to potential customers you know what you’re doing. Specific SAP certification exam preparation guides are available online and in e-book subscriptions to help users understand what the test looks like and what to study up on prior to exam day.


Manage Large or Global Team Training

Anyone in a team with offices around the world knows how hard it is to stay in touch, and even prior to the pandemic it was hard to get users from all locations into a scheduled training session. With online SAP training options, it’s never been easier to give everyone the opportunity to learn about SAP and bolster their knowledge.


Certain options, like an e-book subscription, also provide offline access to materials so even in developing locations people can learn SAP.



You may be wondering if online SAP training materials are right for your team. If you find yourself spending thousands of dollars a year on in-person SAP training and related expenses such as travel and lodging, the answer is yes—and you should seriously consider supplementing (or even replacing them) with online options such as an SAP PRESS Subscription. Many of these are more affordable than what you’ve been partaking in, and provide an equal or better training experience.


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