Online SAP Training: 3 Reasons Why E-Book Subscriptions Are the Way to Go

If you’re leading an SAP team or group of consultants and want to help them stay on top of SAP’s ever-expanding solution library, you’ve likely looked for SAP training courses or other online SAP training.


These can be expensive and, in the case of in-person SAP training, limited to a specific time and place. Worse yet, when working on a project for a client it just isn’t possible to take time off to find the solution to a problem. Searching Google can help, but oftentimes this provides too many resources to sort through. A good on-the-go toolset needs to include high-quality, instantly accessible troubleshooting help as well as the ability to let team members learn at their own pace and on their own time.


Traditional print books help meet the latter need, but can only partially meet the former. E-books, however, meet both. And an e-book subscription provides everything in spades.


In this post, let’s highlight three major benefits that SAP e-book subscriptions have for SAP learners that other training resources don’t.


Learn Anywhere with Accessible Material

Project teams and consultants working on SAP implementations know that things seldom go according to plan. This is, for example, because finicky legacy systems may not act the way one would expect, or a new system has functionality laid out in a different menu path.


Since the world of SAP is very large, it may not be obvious what the right troubleshooting step is. If such an issue was discovered in an in-person training session, it would be easy to brainstorm with peers or ask the trainer what to do. But in the field, this just isn’t possible. If you’re part of a small team or working on the project yourself, you need easily accessible information from the experts. That’s where e-books come in.


These resources are as light as the device they’re stored on, meaning a library of information on dozens of SAP solutions is just a few clicks away. Text search means one can quickly jump through relevant sections instead of waiting on a trainer to finish helping someone else. And bookmarking means readers can save relevant sections for easy reference without having to scroll through dozens of digital pages.


Offline reading, whether through a dedicated app like the SAP PRESS App or just the included PDF reader on a device, allows for learning on the go—not just on the jobsite, but also in the hotel, on the airplane, or in the car. If there’s a desire to learn SAP, e-books can fulfill that wish in any location.


Save Time and Money with Curated Material

A simple search for the keyword “SAP S/4HANA help” returns 8.2 million results on Google. When you’re in a time crunch, this is just too many pages to look through. Even if you found a relevant document that promises to fix your problem, unless it’s from an official resource or someone who knows what they’re doing, you’re risking to apply an unhelpful or even adverse remedy.


And while in-person SAP training is a great way to get this kind of knowledgeable information, it costs a lot of money and is limited to the day or days of the sessions. It’s not accessible whenever it is needed, a big pain point for consultants and other SAP project teams looking to meet deadlines.


E-books solve for these problems in a couple of ways. Firstly, reputable SAP publishers take time and effort to identify and work with subject matter experts, meaning material is trustworthy and will solve for the problem at hand (in the case of immediate troubleshooting) or teach the solution with guaranteed authority (for learning anywhere). Because of this, one can find plenty of relevant, helpful knowledge from just a handful of sources rather than scouring through multiple search results on Google. And as mentioned above, the benefits of e-books include easy access, storage, and bookmarking of pages, meaning a favorite section will always be ready when you need it.


Instant Access to New Material

Has there ever been an item you were so excited about having, only to have to wait until you could get to a store to buy it or for it to ship to your home? With an e-book subscription, neither of those scenarios apply. Once a new e-book has been released into the world, it automatically becomes available to subscription holders.


In the SAP world, this can be a lifesaver. As you know, SAP is constantly innovating and releasing new functionality. Therefore, it’s important to stay on top of what’s happening in the ecosystem. An e-book subscription means one can download a new book on the latest SAP topic, and put it to work right away rather than having to postpone learning to down the road at an in-person training.



E-book subscriptions are the perfect way to learn SAP in a low-cost, universal setting. With a little motivation, you or your team can learn how to use SAP solutions and become indispensable to your clients and corporation. An e-book subscription provides multiple benefits. In this post, we explored three of them. Can you think of any others? Post them in the comment section below!


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