7 Prepackaged Accelerators Provided by SAP Integration Suite

SAP API Business Hub is the place to get started with building apps, extensions, and business networks and to integrate with applications, business partners, and government agencies.


Creating a strong value proposition and new business opportunities/revenue models, plus evolving during the digital transformation, is now made faster using prepackaged accelerators.


When this post was written, SAP API Business Hub had more than 3,000-plus digital artifacts— business processes, integration flows, APIs, events, adapters—across 335 packages, with millions of API calls in the API sandbox. Let’s dive into prepackaged accelerators and see how each one of them can help to accelerate your integration journey.


The following are the different types of packages available.


1 API Packages

An API package contains building blocks (APIs) and the related documentation for developers to extend solutions, integrate to collaborate with the business, and perform innovations on top. They also contain pre-shipped templates from SAP for securing, managing, and governing the APIs so that customers foster innovation instead of reinventing the wheel.


Customers can view the basic details of the packages, preview the package tile details, and collect information such as the type of the package, number, version number, type of digital content available, and usage of the content. Each integration and API package has a name and brief description in the header section of the package, as shown in this figure.


API Package


To know the details of the package, navigate to the Details tab, which provides complete information about the package, including business tags and documents.


2 Integration Packages

Integration packages, as shown in the following figure, contain different integration artifacts bundled together as integration flows, message mappings, and value mappings. Integration packages can be copied to your workspace and deployed to set up communication between different sender and receiver participants.


Integration Packages


3 CDS Views

To find all the core data services (CDS) view-related information—for example, the properties of the CDS view—the metadata and data types are listed in this package.


CDS Views


4 Open Connector Packages

This package contains APIs for third-party integration, as shown below. Each package has its own set of documentation to learn about the connectors and how you can use them in your integration scenarios.


Third-Party Packages


5 Event Packages

A digital event catalog can be found in the event packages, as shown in the figure below. Underpinning agents for each event catalog are the APIs for receiving and sending notifications in case of a change of objects in the backend system, such as SAP S/4HANA.


Event Packages


6 Business Process Packages

For end-to-end business interactions such as lead-to-cash, hire-to-retire, source-to-pay, and so on, packages are available that contain an end-to-end flow of activities to support each business process, as shown here.


Business Process Packages


7 Workflow Management Packages

To orchestrate, digitize, manage, and automate decisions, the workflow management packages, as shown in the last figure, can be leveraged to configure the workflow in a low-code approach. Users can build, run, and gain end-to-end process excellence by providing one view of the process.


Workflow Management Packages


Learn more about the tools in SAP Integration suite here.


Editor’s note: This post has been adapted from a section of the book SAP Integration Suite by Christopher Aron, Piyush Gakhar, and Shilpa Vij.


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