A Look at the SAP EWM with SAP S/4HANA Certification Exam

Extended warehouse management (EWM) is used to efficiently manage inventory in distribution centers and to support warehouse processes.


It allows companies to control the movement of goods into, out of, and within the warehouse to fulfill customer orders—but you probably already know this, assuming you’re here because you’re looking to become certified in EWM with SAP. If you’re preparing for exam C_S4EWM_2020, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’ll give you some background on the test.


About the C_S4EWM Certification Exam

The EWM certification exam is intended to verify that candidates have the necessary EWM knowledge required for becoming a consultant, and it is relevant for both embedded and decentralized EWM implementations with SAP S/4HANA. If you don’t have previous project experience, worry not! This isn’t a prerequisite, though it is recommended to combine SAP education courses and hands-on experience to optimize your success, since the exam will test your ability to apply the knowledge gained in training.


The exam consists of multiple-choice questions where you must select either one, two, or three correct answers. You are required to select all the correct answers to a question. Topics covered on the exam include:

  • Warehouse structure, resource management, and EWM master data
  • Inbound processes (value-added services, cross-docking, and quality management)
  • Outbound processes (wave management, cross-docking, and production integration)
  • Cross topics (labor management, exception handling, batches, and serial numbers)
  • System integration, master data, and delivery document customizing
  • Process- and layout-oriented storage control
  • Warehouse process types, warehouse task creation, and strategies
  • Internal processing (physical inventory and replenishment)
  • Warehouse management, shipping, and receiving
  • Warehouse order and warehouse order creation rules

To pass this 80-question online exam, you’ll need to score 63% or higher. You’re prohibited from using reference materials during the certification, so make sure to prepare thoroughly, whether that means you take part in various EWM courses, review SAP’s EWM learning journey, or study with our EWM certification guide.


About the Extended Warehouse Management with SAP S/4HANA Certification Guide

Are you looking to prove your EWM expertise, but might need some help? Let us introduce you to the ultimate study buddy, the Extended Warehouse Management with SAP S/4HANA Certification Guide. There is coverage for each topic on the exam, along with practice questions and answers.


Your preparation starts with an overview of the EWM system environment and landscape. You will get a solid understanding of SAP S/4HANA and EWM integration, master data transfer, and resource management. Then, you’ll go over warehouse process types and warehouse tasks, master the configuration process, and learn about both inbound and outbound processing.


The book provides details on production integration processes, configuration and master data required for staging methods, and different ways of production consumption and goods receipt. Learn about kitting and value-added services (VAS), including kitting processes initiated with and without a VAS order.


Get a good grasp on labor management and how it helps with resource planning for the warehouse, along with exception handling and how to use and configure exception codes for daily operations. Familiarize yourself with the integration of batch management in EWM and SAP S/4HANA, batch determination during goods issue, and serial number management options.


Take a look at the post processing framework (PPF) for daily operations. Then, understand the storage control options in complex EWM processes, including the steps required to configure process-oriented and layout-oriented storage control. You will learn about the physical inventory process (configuration, processing, reports, and procedures), as well as different replenishment strategies.


Learn how to deal with the movement of products within the warehouse with coverage of posting changes and stock transfer. Then learn about the warehouse monitor and how to use the warehouse cockpit with the easy graphics framework. Finally, get to know the shipping and receiving processes for incoming and outgoing shipments.


Who Is This Book For?

This certification guide is for beginners, consultants, and SAP customers who are looking to grow their career by becoming certified in EWM with SAP S/4HANA. This book is beneficial for those who need to plan and prepare for the exam, and want to know the kind of questions to expect.


About the Authors

Basawaraj Patil is a specialist leader at Deloitte with a focus on logistics execution. He has more than 20 years of SAP and supply chain experience in delivering complex supply chain and business transformation projects enabled by SAP S/4HANA. He leverages his deep supply chain expertise in translating complex business challenges into technology-enabled solutions and has a strong delivery track record with proficiency in SAP Extended Warehouse Management, SAP Transportation Management, inventory management, and reverse logistics domains across life sciences, consumer products, and automotive sectors. He works with SAP clients to help identify the root causes of business issues and address those issues with the appropriate SAP products and change management strategies.


Neetu Ramireddi is a specialist master at Deloitte with more than 15 years of supply chain management experience and a focus on SAP Extended Warehouse Management and logistics execution. She has helped clients to improve their supply chain efficiency, reduce inventory costs, and increase operational visibility in warehousing and logistics by delivering large-scale technology transformation programs. She has led projects across multiple industries, including automotive, consumer products, ER&I, and life sciences.


Satish Komatlapalli is a specialist master in SAP manufacturing, quality management, and product lifecycle management. He has more than 19 years of consulting experience in delivering large-scale implementations and rollouts for global manufacturing customers. He has extensive experience in designing and developing complex integrated processes between SAP and non-SAP product lifecycle management, computer-aided design, and manufacturing execution systems. He has hands-on experience with embedded and decentralized EWM integration with manufacturing, quality management, and advanced returns processes. His experience spans industries including consumer products, heavy equipment manufacturing, aerospace, and life sciences. He is a trusted advisor in multiple digital transformation projects.


How to Purchase

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Extended Warehouse Management with SAP S/4HANA Certification Guide
Extended Warehouse Management with SAP S/4HANA Certification Guide

Preparing for your extended warehouse management (EWM) exam? Make the grade with this C_S4EWM certification study guide! From inbound and outbound processing to shipping and receiving, this guide will review the key technical and functional knowledge you need to pass the test. Explore test methodology, key concepts for each topic area, and practice questions and answers. Your path to C_S4EWM certification begins here!

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