An Overview of the SAP Activate Community

SAP encourages users of SAP Activate to follow and actively participate in the SAP Activate community space on SAP Community, which is open to all customers, partners, prospects, and SAP internal users.


The community provides users access to the latest news, hot topics, and materials from using SAP Activate in company projects. It’s a great place to find answers to your pressing questions. SAP also encourages users of SAP Activate to share their experience with using the approach in customer projects via blog posts, to share examples of how they applied the concepts, and to discuss their experiences.


The SAP Activate community is the place to stay up to date on new content, learn about the best way to apply the approach in your next project, and find information about your area of interest.


In this post, we’ll review the key activities that community users can be involved in to maximize the benefit of being part of the community. Note that because SAP continues to evolve the community structure and content, some of the steps outlined here may change over time.


Register and Follow the SAP Activate Community

The first step in getting into the SAP Community is to register for SAP ID by clicking on the person icon in the top-right side of your screen at On the next screen, select the Register button and proceed with the guided registration steps as shown below.


Signing Up for SAP Community


Once registered, you will be able to log on directly to the community by clicking the same person icon the next time you access the page. If you already have an SAP ID, you can use it to log into the SAP Community without needing to register.


Once you are registered for SAP Community, you can access the SAP Activate community page at and bookmark it in your preferred browser. We also recommend that you follow the SAP Activate community. You can do that by clicking on the Follow SAP Activate Tag on the right side of the main SAP Activate community page under the Get Started with SAP Activate section. Then, click on the blue Follow button under the community name.


Find Your Way in the SAP Activate Community

The SAP Activate community offers a simple structure that is represented on the main page and provides users with easy access to relevant SAP Activate resources. At the top of the main page, you will find a rotating carousel with the most recent updates and blogs. When you scroll a little more down the page, you will find a streamlined overview of the SAP Activate phases with key activities and highlighted accelerators. The page also provides access to additional resources on the right side of the page, where you can find links to topics and areas of the community that help you find relevant information, post blogs, or questions and engage with other users.


Main SAP Activate Community Space


The figure above shows the home page of the SAP Activate community. You can use the Community Content tab to access all blog posts and questions posted with the SAP Activate managed tag. There you can apply additional filters to narrow down the type of asset you are looking for—for example Q&A, Blog Posts, or Documents.


We’ll explain key activities, such as posting a question, adding a blog, or adjusting your notifications, next.


Ask Questions and Find Answers

Users accessing SAP Community often come with specific questions or topics they need to research. The SAP Activate community provides search functionality that will help them find answers quickly.



There are multiple ways to search SAP Community. We recommend accessing the Community Content tab from the SAP Activate community main page. Then select the content type you want to locate (in the CONTENT TYPES selection on the right side of the screen), type a search phrase in the Search community content field, and press (Enter).


You can see an example of searching for “fit-to-standard” in the SAP Activate space below.


Search Results Interface to Narrow Displayed Results


Users of the community also can ask questions directly from any page in the community. In general, before raising a question, you should first search the community for answers. Over the life of this community, many questions have already been answered, and you may locate an existing answer faster than you could get a response to your own question. If you can’t find the answer in the community, you can post your question using the Ask a Question link on the SAP Activate community main page; alternatively, you can select Answers at the top of the SAP Community navigation and select the Ask a Question menu item. Don’t forget to assign the SAP-managed SAP Activate tag to your question to make sure it is correctly associated with the SAP Activate community space.


Make your question as specific as possible while omitting any details that could identify the project or customer you’re working with. Remember that SAP Community is open to various types of users and freely searchable by search engines like Google or Bing.


Read more: SAP Activate authors answer your questions.


How to Contribute Blog Posts

If you have examples from your project to share with the community or you have an experience with SAP Activate you want to discuss, you should post directly to the site as a blog post. The process is similar to posting the question as just described. You’ll need to select Write a Blog Post from the SAP Activate community space.


This will open a new page where you’ll input your blog post title, the text of the blog post, and tags that will help users find the content easier. Be sure to use a descriptive title and always assign the SAP Activate managed tag to help users find your blog post in the future. Just like questions, the blog posts are moderated by community moderators before they are posted. If you are contributing your very first blog post, it will be likely tagged for moderator review before it is approved for publication. A moderator may reach out to you if the text needs to be adjusted before it is ready to be posted.


You’ll receive email notifications from the SAP Activate community when other users post new content (blog posts or questions), comment on your blog post, or provide feedback as a response to your question.


Editor’s note: This post has been adapted from a section of the book SAP Activate: Project Management for SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud by Sven Denecken, Jan Musil, and Srivatsan Santhanam.


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