How Many Custom Fields Can You Add to the Universal Journal in SAP S/4HANA Finance?

In this video from the SAP PRESS Book Club Q&A with Janet Salmon, learn just how many custom fields you can add to the Universal Journal.




How many custom fields can a company add to the Universal Journal (ACDOCA), and if you add custom fields will that cause problems during an upgrade?


No it shouldn't. I mean, you can have up to 60 characteristics in the Universal Journal as part of the market segment. So you've got to imagine that the Universal Journal has got its 350 fields or so, and there's various extension points. So you can add coding block extensions and there are different constraints on adding coding blocks to adding characteristics in CO-PA at the moment. We still have the limit of 60. You know, that's my second most frequent question: "When are you going to change that, because you said SAP HANA could do everything?" At some point we will try and get away from that, but at the moment we've got a lot of interfaces that still stop at 60 characteristics. The challenge is it's more what you're going to assign to them and when you're going to end up with too many tiny documents.

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