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How SAP Enables Digital Transformation

Running a business can be a demanding and exacting process. There are numerous errors that could creep in, everything from misreported financials to product development accidents.


Having a technology partner is a simple way to minimize and avoid inconveniences and potential missteps. This post explains how SAP can be that perfect technology partner and how companies can benefit from its intelligent technologies.


SAP’s Competitive Advantage

The strength of SAP’s brand lies in integration. SAP innovation provides a range of applications for customers to use. It brings new technologies and services together to help organizations to power their digital transformation. SAP allows you to integrate multiple devices with emerging technologies, and when it is integrated into your business process, you will be equipped with automatic decision-making and recommendations.


Why Partner with SAP?

Machine learning, blockchain, and internet of things (IoT) tools are not part of the enterprise software stack. In this age of continuous innovation, organizations struggle to bring these essential technologies into their business. SAP’s intelligent technology solutions bridge that gap. Tools like SAP Internet of Things provides centralized control over connected IoT solutions, bringing people and business processes together.


SAP Business Technology Platform—A New Digital Innovation

The SAP Business Technology Platform is a digital innovation framework from SAP. Its objective is to support business organizations and customers in all aspects of data management, application development and integration, analytics, and intelligent technology.


SAP Business Technology Platform offers a wide range of services and micro-services to businesses looking to use IoT, blockchain, big data, analytics, and more. It can assist organizations in becoming mature, organized, and improvised—all of which are important as the business world is adopting digital transformation quickly.


SAP can play an integral part in that transformation by helping customers utilize all of the following technologies:

Big Data

Companies can acquire the authority to oversee, manage, and scale entire business data. This sometimes happens at the cost of data coming from mixed solutions, both on-premise and cloud. Big data tools generate a link between stored data and other connecting systems. Solutions like SAP Data Intelligence help enrich your business data.


SAP Blockchain Business Services is a tool that allows organizations to test and use distributed ledger technology and cut risks. It is used by various industry hulks like IBM and Microsoft.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is important for all applications and processes within your intelligent enterprise. Data analytics can be embedded in SAP solutions, so it can be lucrative for businesses to utilize right off the bat. It offers businesses valuable insights to design customized processes and applications.


Data analytics has three distinctive features.

  1. Smart discovery: Using machine learning, predictive modeling, and simulation capabilities, smart discovery brings out the correlations between KPIs and factors that influence them.
  2. Search to insight: Using machine learning and simulation, search to insight discovers hidden patterns and insights, and answers the questions of the user in plain language.
  3. Embeds the first two features into applications. This allows each user to access appropriate intelligence information in their own business process.

Data Intelligence

SAP Data Intelligence is powered by machine learning and can help transform cloud solution data into valuable insights. SAP Data Intelligence is based on previous SAP solutions like SAP Data Hub and SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation.

Design Thinking Services

With design thinking, users are enabled to develop the digital enterprise of the future. Design thinking allows for a creative, collaborative, and iterative problem-solving approach. This in turn helps organizations take a more empathetic and user-centric approach.

Internet of Things

IoT connects everything enabled with device sensors. Solutions like SAP Edge Services have synchronizing architecture and persistence algorithms that ensures digital synchronization within a digital cloud.


An organization can build its own IoT solution or it can jumpstart its business with IoT applications provided by SAP. These can improve business processes with data-driven intelligence gathered from products, machines, supply chains, and so on. SAP Edge Services and SAP Internet of Things allow businesses to implement unique rules so that they can organize their activities efficiently.

Machine Learning

Machine learning enables digital transformation, and it has made an impactful comeback with SAP. Machine learning can be embedded easily into enterprise applications using tools such as the Business Entity Recognition Service, SAP AI Business Services, SAP Data Intelligence, and SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation. A combination of these tools is an effective solution to resolve common business issues.


Benefits of SAP’s Intelligent Technologies

There are many benefits to using SAP’s intelligent technologies in your business.


To start, they help companies focus on the most important activities. This spares companies the pain of finding, integrating, and managing their own tools. Instead, it provides common processes, methodologies, and an innovation platform to implement new ideas quickly. This frees up companies to focus on the problem at hand.


Next, they help integrate future-facing technologies and capabilities. SAP can integrate technology breakthroughs into SAP Business Technology Platform. It offers design thinking methodologies and data intelligence tools for various technologies, services, and apps.


Intelligent technology increases scalability because the underlying technology is proven, open, robust, and scalable. It also allows companies to quantify and track metrics by assessing the ‘mean time before failure’ (MTBF) and ‘mean time to repair’ (MTTR) for the assets of your company.


In order to help companies make the most of its solutions, SAP provides tailored accelerator packages including implementation methodologies, cloud licenses, and more.


In addition to these benefits, a track and trace system can help companies track shipments and trace goods using tools like SAP connected goods and SAP Blockchain Business Services.


If the initial functionalities don’t meet your needs, they can be altered to meet your requirements.



When it comes to digital transformation, companies must quickly create data-driven services to improve their processes. This involves empowering employees with the right information at the right time, anticipating and proactively responding to customer requirements, automating processes, and inventing new business models and new revenue streams.


The most common problem with innovation is getting distracted by details. SAP’s intelligent technologies help enterprises innovate with agility and without distractions. With rising market competition, now is the time for companies to take advantage of the unmatched features of SAP and transform their business into an intelligent enterprise.


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