How to Change and Display a Sales Order Document in SAP S/4HANA with SAP Fiori

In SAP S/4HANA, apps are used to create or access sales documents in SAP Fiori. The following steps walk through how to use SAP Fiori apps for these purposes.

  1. Launch the Manage Sales Orders SAP Fiori app, and enter the sales document number to be changed or displayed in the Sales Order field, as shown in the following figure. Press (Enter), as shown in the second figure.

Manage Sales Orders: Sales Order Number Input


Manage Sales Orders: Sales Order Found

  1. After your document has been found in the list, click (once) on your document number to open the context-sensitive menu as shown here.

Manage Sales Orders: Context-Sensitive Menu

  1. Click on the Sales Orders – Actuals link to open the sales order in display mode.
  1. The Display Standard Order: Overview screen appears, as shown in this figure.

Display Standard Order: Overview in SAP Fiori

  1. Click on the Change icon on the toolbar, as shown in the next figure, to toggle from display mode to change mode.
Display Standard Order 172: Overview in Change Mode (Display Icon Appears)


As there are no subsequent documents, all fields except the customer fields are available for change. In this case, because the sales order is created with reference to preceding documents (e.g., an inquiry and quotation), the Sold-To Party is locked to the original. However, the Ship-To Party field can be changed.


Change the Ship-To Party from 92 to 3, and then press (Enter) to see the results in the following figure.


Change Standard Order 172: Ship-to Party Changed


Refer to this table for more information about which fields can be changed.




To save changes to your sales document, click on the Save button in the lower-right corner of the SAP Fiori screen, as shown in this figure.


SAP Fiori: Save Button


A message should appear with your sales document number on the status bar in the lower-left corner of the screen, as shown in the final figure.


Standard Order: Saved Message


Editor’s note: This post has been adapted from a section of the book Sales and Distribution with SAP S/4HANA: Business User Guide by James Olcott and Jon Simmonds.


Sales and Distribution with SAP S/4HANA: Business User Guide
Sales and Distribution with SAP S/4HANA: Business User Guide

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