Subaccount Monitoring for SAP BTP with the SAP Cloud Connector

In addition to hardware monitoring for SAP BTP with the cloud connector, there’s more monitoring available on the subaccount level.


Every single SAP BTP subaccount that has been linked to the cloud connector will have a monitor for cloud to on-premise (see figure below) and one for on-premise to cloud.


Monitor for Cloud to On-Premise


Under Select Host, you can set a specific connection for display within all monitoring views.


The first monitor page has been divided into the Performance, Most Recent Requests, Top Time Consumers, Backend Connections, and Usage Statistics tabs. Under Performance, you can see the number of requests, clustered by the request duration. On the left side you can see quick requests, and the further to the right they are, the longer the requests took to process. A real-world example is shown in this figure.


Productive Performance Monitor


Under Most Recent Requests, you can see the last requests and their duration (see below). In the upper part with Resource Filter settings, you can filter the requests if you’re looking for a specific one.


Most Recent Requests


The Top Time Consumers monitor will show you the requests with the longest duration overall, as shown here.


Top Time Consumers


Under Backend Connections (first figure below), you can see any open connections. Under Usage Statistics, you can see the amount of data that was transferred per connection (second figure).


Active Connections


Connection Usage Statistics


The second monitor, the on-premise to cloud monitor (next figure), displays active service channel connections under the Connections tab (e.g., to an SAP HANA Cloud database) and bytes transferred in both directions.


On-Premise to Cloud Monitor


Use a New Cloud Connector Version: In the latest versions of cloud connector, there have been lots of updates in monitoring. Most important, since version 2.14, the cloud connector stores the monitoring data to disk and will not throw the data away when restarting. Also, the on-premise to cloud monitor is quite new.


The Reset Button: Be careful with the Reset button shown earlier. Clicking Reset will clean up all monitoring statistics because the system thinks you’re restarting a monitoring case. We highly recommend loading the monitoring data into another system to persist it there.


Some more information on monitoring and how to further leverage using the monitor can be found in SAP Note 2693691.


Editor’s note: This post has been adapted from a section of the book Cloud Connector for SAP by Martin Koch and Siegfried Zeilinger.


Cloud Connector for SAP
Cloud Connector for SAP

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