The New Web Client for SAP Business One 10.0

SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning system optimized for small and medium-sized businesses. Users can manage essential business functions such as accounting, sales and purchasing, CRM, banking, production, inventory, and HR in a single system.


The release of SAP Business One 10.0 was accompanied by a few updates and changes, specifically a new web client.


Web Client Features

The new web client for SAP Business One 10.0 is a browser-based alternative to the current login platform known as the “thick” client.


The web client is designed to be platform neutral, meaning it can function on desktops, laptops, tablets, or phones that operate common browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox. Any of these browsers will require a URL address to access the logon screen. This URL will be unique to your implementation; you may be given a URL for use when you’re at the office and another URL for when you’re working remotely.


The web client login screen for SAP Business One requires the following items:

  • Server name
  • Company database (schema name)
  • SAP Business One user name
  • SAP Business One password

The web client’s representation of specific SAP Business One tasks are contained in a collection of tiles. These tiles can be arranged, moved, removed, and duplicated depending on your preferences. They are configured initially with eight predesignated groups—My Home, CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Business Partners, Analytics, Extensions, and Useful Links—that you can modify and hide as you like. You can also add additional groups.


The following features are included with the new web client:

  • Send email function from list views
  • Microsoft 365 integration enablement
  • New training tiles and videos
  • New app for opportunities
  • Edit and create functionality for returns and credit memos
  • New app for A/R reserve invoices
  • The Purchase Quotation Comparison Report
  • A credit limit utilization bar in document headers
  • Enhancements to authorizations; activities; integration; Copy To, Copy From, and Serial Batch Bin enablement; and user-defined objects and user-defined fields analytics

The new web client is still being developed, with new features expected to release every month and a half or so. Upon completion, it will make SAP Business One comparable to contemporary cloud ERP systems.


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Who Is This Book For?

This book is intended for everyday users working with SAP Business One, whether you focus on a single functionality—financials, sales, purchasing, and son on—or you are working with multiple. Consultants supporting users in the realm of SAP Business One will also find the contents of this book beneficial.


About the Author

Carl Britton Lewis is the chief SAP Business One ambassador for Vision33, the largest reseller of SAP Business One globally. For many years, Carl has been a global influencer working to enhance the experience of every customer and user of SAP Business One.


Juanita Karan is a regional delivery manager based out of the Pacific Northwest. She graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in finance. As an Indian-American woman in the world of tech, she brings over a decade of experience in both the finance and software industries. One of her career passions is collaborating with clients on their digital transformation, creating a roadmap for their future with software, and exploring how it can benefit growth to their organizational success.


Keith Taylor was president and co-owner of Long Business Systems, Inc. (LBSi). LBSi was founded in 1989 and is a leading reseller/VAR of SAP Business One, as well as a developer of several enhancements for SAP Business One including ShipVia LBSi Freight Optimizer, Advanced Manufacturing and Material Planning (AMMP), Warehouse Management Solution (WMS), and Labor Tracking Solution (LTS).


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SAP Business One: Business User Guide
SAP Business One: Business User Guide

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