3 Ways SAP Build Streamlines Application Development

SAP Build emerges as a transformative platform, offering a suite of powerful features designed to revolutionize application development, workspace management, and process automation.


Let's delve into the core features of SAP Build—Build Apps, Work Zone, and Process Automation—and explore how they contribute to the simplicity and power of low-code/no-code development that can help businesses achieve their digital goals efficiently and effectively.


SAP Build Apps: Empowering No-Code Application Development

SAP Build Apps redefines the landscape of application development by democratizing the process, allowing users of all skill levels to create custom applications without extensive coding knowledge. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, users can effortlessly design user interfaces and build robust cloud services and backend functionalities visually, eliminating the need for complex coding. The platform also offers seamless integration with both SAP and non-SAP solutions, enabling smooth data flow and a cohesive user experience. From small applications to extensive enterprise solutions, SAP Build Apps scales to meet diverse business needs, empowering professionals to contribute to the app creation process regardless of their technical background.


SAP Build Work Zone: Simplifying Workspace Management

In today's complex enterprise landscapes, navigating multiple applications and systems can be a daunting task for employees, leading to fragmented workflows and decreased productivity. SAP Build Work Zone addresses this challenge by consolidating and simplifying the enterprise landscape, providing a unified platform for accessing applications, content, and processes. By offering personalized and role-based access, the platform enhances user experience, increases productivity, and fosters collaboration across teams.


SAP Build Work Zone comes in two distinct editions—standard and advanced—each tailored to meet specific business needs. The standard edition, previously known as the SAP Launchpad service, offers a centralized access point with personalized and role-based access to both SAP and non-SAP applications. It simplifies the user experience by providing a central entry point for users to access applications relevant to their roles and responsibilities, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency.


On the other hand, the advanced edition, previously known as SAP Work Zone, encompasses all the capabilities of the standard edition and goes beyond, incorporating additional functionalities to further enhance user engagement and collaboration. With powerful page-building and content-authoring tools, engaging workspaces, and seamless integration capabilities, the advanced edition empowers organizations to create immersive digital experiences that drive productivity and innovation across the enterprise.


SAP Build Process Automation: Streamlining Workflow Processes

Efficiency and agility are paramount in today's business environment, and SAP Build Process Automation offers a solution to streamline workflow processes without the need for extensive coding expertise. By leveraging low-code and no-code tools, business users can automate complex tasks and processes, freeing up valuable time and resources for higher-value activities. The platform integrates AI-driven features such as intelligent document processing, enabling organizations to extract valuable insights and improve decision-making. With its robust workflow capabilities, SAP Build Process Automation helps businesses optimize processes, drive efficiency gains, and enhance customer experiences.


About the SAP Build Book

SAP Build offers a comprehensive suite of features across application development, workspace management, and process automation. It enables organizations to innovate with speed, simplicity, and confidence. We published our SAP Build: No-Code Development, Centralized Access, and Process Automation book to provide practical guidance on the suite and help you get started with low-code/no-code development.


The book begins by demystifying low-code/no-code development, preparing you for application creation without deep coding knowledge. It Introduces SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), providing a comprehensive understanding essential for leveraging the power of SAP Build.


You’ll learn to install and configure SAP Build Apps to lay a solid foundation for your building experience. Explore the no-code development environment, enabling you to create applications with ease. Dive into the app development process, learning to harness the platform's features effectively. Address data integration and authentication to ensure the robustness and security of your applications. This part of the book also explores SAP Build Apps’ visual cloud functions, used to enhance your apps with visualizations and data manipulation. Then, develop extensions for SAP products and deploy your apps, transforming concepts into real-world solutions.


Next, learn to create collaborative and intelligent workplaces with SAP Build Work Zone. You’ll dive into installation and configuration to leverage SAP Build Work Zone's capabilities, and then get to know user interface and external integrations. This section also explores content transport for efficient content management, advanced topics to elevate your understanding of SAP Build Work Zone's capabilities, and administration features to effectively manage and maintain the service.


Then, understand how you can streamline business processes with SAP Build Process Automation. Gain insights into installation and configuration for a smooth start. Learn how to design processes, set rules and decisions, create action projects, and design visibility scenarios for comprehensive automations. You’ll explore features like My Inbox, a tool for task management, to enhance operational efficiency, and learn monitoring and administration techniques to keep your processes sharp and responsive.


The book offers several elements throughout—tips and tricks, notes, examples, and warnings—to help you make important considerations. Whether you are building your first app or automating complex processes, these pages will be your guide!


Who Is This Book For?

This book is for a wide array of professionals—IT decision makers who pen the plan, developers and architects who bring it to life, administrators who keep the gears turning, and project managers/agile coaches who guide teams to success. Both strategic planners and hands-on experts will gain valuable knowledge from this book.


About the Authors

Rene Glavanovits is an SAP consultant and developer at CloudDNA GmbH, an SAP partner in Austria. He specializes in the latest SAP technologies, specifically in the development of full-stack applications with SAP Fiori, SAPUI5, OData, core data services (CDS), and SAP Cloud Application Programming Model.


Gernot Haider is the cofounder of sapio GmbH, an Austrian SAP partner that supports a wide variety of customers in the implementation of cloud integration projects and HCM projects with SAP solutions. Previously, he was a middleware architect responsible for the operation of SAP Process Orchestration and Cloud Integration.


Martin Koch is the managing director of CloudDNA GmbH. His focus is on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), user experience, integration, and security. In addition to his SAP-related work, he is an active champagne importer and dealer in Austria.


Daniel Krancz is a software developer and consultant at CloudDNA GmbH. His focus is on full stack development with SAPUI5/SAP Fiori, OData, SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, and ABAP RESTful application programming model, as well as mobile development. He has been teaching SAP trainings since 2019 and has been named a certified trainer and consultant for his achievements by SAP.


How to Purchase

If you’re interested in purchasing SAP Build, follow this link and choose the format that works best for you: e-book, print edition, or bundle (both e-book and print).


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SAP Build
SAP Build

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