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ABAP CDS Q&A with Authors Renzo Colle, Ralf Dentzer, and Jan Hrastnik

Authors Renzo Colle, Ralf Dentzer, and Jan Hrastnik recently took part in the SAP PRESS Book Club webinar series, where they answered reader questions about CDS and ABAP over the course of an hour....

Naveen Michael
Naveen Michael

Naveen Michael is a passionate tech writer intrigued with how emerging technologies will shape the world for the better. With a handful of years of experience as a tech-savvy writer, he is set to study SAP and inform readers on "how SAP plans to impact businesses with its AI and other emerging technology offerings". Currently, he is heading a three-member SAP content team that is dedicated to writing about SAP at ERPROOTS Private Limited, one of the world's leading SAP consulting companies, helping its clients transition to SAP S/4HANA.

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