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ABAP CDS Q&A with Authors Renzo Colle, Ralf Dentzer, and Jan Hrastnik

Authors Renzo Colle, Ralf Dentzer, and Jan Hrastnik recently took part in the SAP PRESS Book Club webinar series, where they answered reader questions about CDS and ABAP over the course of an hour....

Raghu Boddu
Raghu Boddu

Raghu Boddu is revered in the SAP Security & GRC community for his clear, insightful articles, blogs, and vlogs. He authored SAP Access Control 12.0 and SAP Process Control 12.0 Comprehensive guides for SAP Press. Presently, Raghu leads the innovation team at ToggleNow (, a US-based company specializing in SAP Access Governance solutions and services.

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10 Enhanced EAM Firefighter Features in SAP Access Control 12.0

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